The Garrison



The Garrison Hotel
Hillsborough Barracks
635 Penistone Road
S6 2GB

Tel: 0114 249 9555

Top Ten Things To Know About the Garrison

  1. Always ring the hotel to book a room, don’t use the website. The website will tell you that it is full when it is not.
  2. The staff are exceptionally RPG player friendly, but it is still a working hotel and popular venue, so be good and don’t scare anyone!
  3. Food service can be slow sometimes, so take advantage of any pre-ordering arrangements that have been made by the convention organisers. They may help a little.
  4. The Garrison don’t mind you bringing your own food into the venue, as long as you don’t eat it in the bar. There is a Morrisons nearby, as well as a McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut and a great butchers that does hot meat sandwiches if you get there early enough.
  5. The Garrison is laid out like an Escher painting. Do not expect to be able to easily navigate it during your first visit. Latch onto a con veteran and hope…
  6. For attendees with limited mobility there is a lift to all floors.
  7. On the last day of a con, you will need to check out before you start your first game.
  8. In all probability there will be either a wedding, a themed disco or a comedy meal on during the convention. Its all part of the fun of the venue, so just ease into it.
  9. Rooms at the Garrison can sell out quickly, so you’re probably best served to book your room as soon as the convention is announced.
  10. The Garrison is our home-from-home, so treat it with respect. Clean up after yourself, be lovely to the staff and the other guests and spend some money at the bar. The goodwill goes a long way with the venue.